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Open Dates

Posted by admin | CP Pinball News | Wednesday 7 December 2011 7:15 pm
We are OPEN……..
Every  Saturday from Noon to Midnight.  Cost is $5 per hour .  All Day pass is $20.
All ages from Noon until 6pm. After 6PM 18 and older only! 
LOTS of machines, always getting new stuff in and fixing the old stuff up. Come see us!
Note due to my oversight league will not start until May 3rd and run until July 12th or so. We will start meeting on April 5th anyway and It will give us sometime to do preplays and better rank you into the right group for the season. So please come FREE for the next 4 weeks. I would still like to collect the $100 for the league over the next 2 weeks. Thanks and see ya Wednesday!

        My  email is  or call me at 314-280-9299


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